Femininity Club - Successful & Feminine (monthly subscription)

When signing up, you are unlocking right away:

  • A feminine embodiment practice to feel sexy and irresistible
  • A visualization “Heal your relationship with your parents” – This is a technique to clear the negative communication patterns and to create a good base for healthy (romantic) relationships
  • A training “How to make a good first impression” – 1 hour webinar that will set you for building honest and meaningful relationships both in your private and in your professional life

With your membership, every month you are getting access to:

  • A nourishing and supporting environment for your femininity and personal growth
  • A community of driven women from all over the world to connect to
  • A monthly live training from Mariya Spasova – The content is dynamic, relevant, cutting edge, practical and deep
  • A monthly femininity challenge – a 5 minute daily practice to boost your femininity
  • A monthly positive affirmation to increase your feminine confidence and your self-love
  • Exclusive access to Mariya Spasova

€29,00 EUR

Every month

14 day trial
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Get with your subscription my program: "Unlock the secrets of your feminine bliss".

The program consists of powerful and transformative audio visualizations designed to help you bloom your femininity and connect you to the depth and mystery of who you are born to be.

By following the practices from the program, you will:

  • Fall in love with your body
  • Become comfortable receiving
  • Feel a greater feminine confidence
  • Replace your limiting beliefs with new ones that serve you better
  • Feel more self-acceptance, also when it comes to your "darker" side
  • Be motivated to get on the pilot seat and create the life you are dreaming about
  • Trust easier
  • Feel juicier and experience more sexual pleasure

This program is a game-changer. It will completely revolutionize how you view and navigate the world. It is a specialized, value-packed system filled with proven science-backed strategies to allow you to welcome a more radiant, grounded, and fulfilled feminine you.